Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten

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Lange Nacht der what? I don’t speak German but I will see you there!

At New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) German is a language that only a handful of people speak. However, the title Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten is now in people’s heads and mouths.

Already tried out last year, the Long Night Against Procrastination was a small milestone. What started with a librarian and Global Academic Fellow in Writing sitting down together and thinking about how to connect the Writing Center and the library, developed into the adoption of the German Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten: NYUAD’s Long Night Against Procrastination. Multiple GAFs (Writing and Sciences) and librarians used the library space to invite students to write on their essays, brainstorm topics, practice oral presentations, do homework but most of all get together and work in a stimulating environment. Between workshops and one-on-one tutorials students could join the famous desk yoga (an idea adopted from the German Long Night) and enjoy snacks. The result was 22 extremely satisfied students demanding more nights like this. Said and done.

On Wednesday, March 13th, NYUAD is again opening the library from 8pm to 3am for the Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten. This year we are joined by staff from the First Year Programming, making this a truly collaborative event.

We will keep you updated on what’s happening on this side of the world.

We wish everyone a productive and exciting night – we all are very happy to be a part of this wonderful event!