Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten

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Late Night Write in Yale-NUS in Singapore

In a college only two years old, it’s hard to call any school event a “tradition,” but we’re pretty sure that Late Night Write is making a legacy. Late Night Write takes place at the Writers’ Centre once a semester around the final examination period from 9pm-2am. Students have the opportunity to come to the Writers’ Centre for shortened 20-25 minute consultations. They can also hang out simply to brainstorm, work on assignments, and enjoy pancakes and other snacks.

Dean’s Fellow Caroline Manela brought the concept behind Late Night Write over to Yale-NUS from her alma mater, NYU Abu Dhabi. During her undergraduate studies, Caroline attended a similar event called Long Night Against Procrastination, and she felt that Yale-NUS students would benefit from a similar event.

Our Writers’ Centre team is made up of Dean’s Fellows, residential staff mainly focused on community building and well-being of students. As such, we wanted to make it both a fun programming event as well as an academic one. This ideation occurred around Halloween 2014 and the theme of a “fright night” was on our minds – hence, “Late Night Write” was born.

The ten Dean’s Fellows working at the Writers’ Centre came together to create a series of 1920s horror movie-inspired posters to advertise the event. The first “Late Night Write”, during which we made pancakes and offered consultations to students, was a huge hit, with over 60 students (in a student body of around 300) in attendance. We thus ran a second Late Night Write during the spring semester which received the same turnout. It has been a fun and beneficial event that we hope to continue at Yale-NUS for many years to come!