Lange Nacht der aufgeschobenen Hausarbeiten


During the Long Night Against Procrastination writing centers worldwide open their doors inviting writers to experience the spirit & power of working together in a community of writers. In a productive, social, and friendly atmosphere writers may start, keep working, or finish their writing projects. All night long they are being supported by professional writing tutors. Tutors guide writers through the writing process, help them to clearify questions and challenges, suggest various writing techniques and much more. Some writing centers also offer workshops and excercises to help writers get through the night.

As a world wide event the Long Night Against Procrastination takes place once a year every first thursday of March. This year it will be held March 5th 2015.

On this page all participating institutions present themselfes and their programm. (Participating institutions 2013 are being updated soon).


7 Kommentare zu “English

  1. A bit confusing? „once a year every first thursday of April. This year it will be held March 7th 2013“

    • Dear Baldur,
      thanks for the comment and your attention! Indeed, the information is wrong and needs to be corrected.
      Many greetings,

  2. Hello everyone,

    At Wilfrid Laurier Universityi in Waterloo, Canada, we are holding our first Long Night Against Procrastination tonight, (Thursday, March 14) from 8 pm to 8 am Friday. We’re really excited and will let you know how it’s going later!

    Boba Samuels
    Laurier Writing Centre

  3. Hi all. I hope that your Long Night March 7 in Germany and worldwide was successful. We are very exited about our first LN next Thursday, March 21 at the University of Iceland. Already 53 had signed up on Facebook yesterday.

  4. Hi Baldur,
    yes we found our night very successful and wish you good luck for yours! I am not sure how many students we had altogether. In Berlin we were around 40 and had a very productive atmosphere and good press:
    Best regards,

  5. The Nevada State College Writing Center in Henderson, Nevada, U.S. opened August 2014, and we held our first Long Night Against Procrastination last night, Thursday March 26.

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